With the huge overheads involed in getting set-up for the Terra Australis-Girt by Sea project, not to mention the running cost once underway we knew that we had to make a decision based on price.  Not generally a good idea when buying camera equipment and accessories but in this case we had little choice and generally speaking, cheaper drones tend to be smaller and lighter which is perfect for our chosen method of travel.  We ended up going with the DJI Phantom II, if you want to know a bit more about the technical specs, they are covered in equipment section, for now we'll just focus on our attempts to fly the thing and what happens when you use the boy method of using something for the first time, also known as 'I'll read the instructions later'.

So on an awesome sunny Sunday morning we headed down to the park to see how hard it was going to be to come to grips with the DJI Phantom II and on the advise of the guys at Sphere Communications we didn't fit the Gimbal and GoPro camera.  It turns out this was pretty good advise, but more on that later.