So Who Are We?

Welcome to No Fixed Address, the travel documentary with a difference.   Whilst there is plenty of amazing and inspirational travel shows about this fabulous land we all call home, I bet this is the first one you've seen where the hosts explore its rugged coastline on board Personal Water Craft and the No Fixed Address website is intended to bring you as much information about our expedition as possible, as well as who we are, what we do and, where we've been.

The No Fixed Address crew consists of husband and wife pairing, Glenn & Lorraine Keating. Both aged around their 50's they are well and truly aware that life is no dress rehearsal and are determined to get the most out of their time and see as much of the planet as they can, they clearly live by the adage of 'accumulating experiences, not possessions'.

‘The concept that is No Fixed Address was, like many great ideas, conceptualized over a couple of cold beers at the local one Tuesday afternoon.  Whilst having been severely bitten by the travel bug after a recent trip to Vietnam, we were chatting about how much fun we'd had whilst riding jet skis over there.  The conversation quickly evolved into a 'wouldn't it be great to go touring on them like we do on the motorbikes' kind of thing.  By this point we were into our third beer and we weren't about to let common sense get in the way and what started off as a jet skiing/camping expedition around the Whitsundays' quickly evolved into something that was to become the Terra Australis-Girt by Sea concept, a full and complete navigation of the continent of Australia.

Once we had made the decision to do the trip we decided to investigate if it had been done before, it would be great for our confidence if it had been.  Our research led us to the story of four blokes who had done the trip in 2000, they took four months to complete the journey and became World Record holders in the process.  We'd like to both congratulate and thank those boys for getting the job done and as such, providing us the courage to go ahead with attempting the same journey.  As history will show we failed to reach our goal due to many varied and well documented reasons and opinions but the philosophy behind the project remains as strong as ever.

One thing that we did decide though when planning that attempt was that we needed to document as much of the trip as possible.  With both of us being fairly creative people we floated the idea of creating a ten part travel documentary upon completion of the journey, this quickly evolved into the idea of making it an almost 'real time' travel adventure show which would air on YouTube. Of course the show would not only be the story of our attempt to set a new World Record but also about the interesting people and places that we encountered along the way.  Rather than a protracted story about our journey and the hardships we would face, we really wanted to make the show about the real face of Australia, the one rarely seen on travel websites and blogs.  Well with our attempt to circumnavigate Australia over we made the decision to re-build our dream and keep traveling this great country of ours and keep producing our own DIY travel adventure documentary, No Fixed Address, and one thing we can promise you is that it won't be another bloody cooking or fishing show.

So we hope you enjoy following our journey and more importantly, it inspires you to go out and see the world in some way, shape or form.

If there is anything you would like to know about No Fixed Address that you can't find on our website, then drop us a line and we'll do our best to get it covered and please don't forget to check out our sponsors links, without these guys none of this would be possible.